Submit A Product for Review

Updated: 04/19/2017

We will not reply to a Product Review Request or accept an item for Product Review unless we believe it will be of interest to our audience.

We are a website dedicated enlightenment and entertainment; When we review products we will post honest thoughtful reviews to the best of our ability.

In the event a product receives 2 out of 5 stars or less we will provide a bulleted list of reasons via email to the submitting entity’s email address and give the submitting entity a minimum of 48 hours to add up to a 300 explanation of to our review and/or the opportunity to submit another sample for review.

If we accept an item for Product Review, unless you hear otherwise our intention is to post a review.

We cannot guarantee when a product review will appear however most will be review within 60 days.

Many reviews are also shared on if the product is available as well as Facebook.

In general we do not return samples. If a sample is required to be returned, sufficient Priority Mail Prepaid Postage and proper shipping supplies must be submitted as the same time as the product submission.

Product giveaways are allowed with prior permission, contact us regarding a giveaway promotion, we require that prizes be shipped directly to the winner with tracking numbers shared with our website staff.

I have read the terms of submitting a product review to and will not hold its authors and owners liable for any type of loss or damage including any type of defamation or slander.

April 19th, 2017 by lexicalityadmin